Chianti Classico appellation was born 300 years ago

Monday, February 15, 2016
Chianti Classico is the first territory to produce quality wines

The celebrations for the 300 years of Chianti Classico, as the first territory to produce quality wines start at the Chianti Classico Collection #ccc2016 (Stazione Leopolda/Firenze 15-16 February 2016).
To combat counterfeiting on wine production already heavy at the beginning of 1700, the Grand Ducal authorities had to intervene to regulate the wine trade. 
In the first archives of the castle of Brolio were preserved two documents that assign unquestionably to Tuscany the first the laws regarding the appellations of origin, first erroneously attributed to France.
The first document, dated July 7, 1716, is an order issued by the Grand Duke of Tuscany, establishing a "Congregation of Wines" (first associations).  The Consortium Vino Chianti Classico shows that date on its logo.
The second document, dated 25 September 1716, is a call of the same Congregation for each wine that marks the boundaries for the production areas and sets very strict standards for the trade of all types of wine: the register of vineyards, the supervision of the production, the declaration of sales, shipping and control fraude of the wine trade.  It can be considered as the very first disciplinary of production.